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   We offer a wide selection of different types of parquet (classic, 2 or 3-layer, long boards, ...), laminates, linoleum, PVC coverings, textile coverings (sheets, rolls), cork (plates, rolls, click system) flooring for terraces and accessories for care and cleaning of your floor. In addition to this we also offer adhesives, paints and products for subfloor preparation from Italian manufacturer Recoll s.r.l..

   For more informations please call us or visit us at our showroom in Vrhnika.



OAK PARQUET long boards

Description: 3-layer oak parquet

Class: AB or CD
Dimensions: 1900x148x12 mm, 1900x189x14 mm

Surface: untreated (raw), light brushed, beveled edges (all 4 sides)

Surface treatment:  it can be oiled or varnished

The picture below shows samples with already prepared different oil colours, but we can also mixed the oil colour according to the needs of individual customers. If you don´t like the look of oiled surface,  the surface can also be varnished.



Ve offer also 2-layer oak parquet dimensions 300-900x90x10 mm, which
is suitable for spaces with underfloor heating. Parquet is untreated (raw), softly brushed with beveled edges. It can be oiled or varnished.


Plotting the terrace in 3D


For you to have a better idea of the final look of your terrace, we offer you 3D plot of terrace. For more information, visit us at our showroom in Vrhnika or contact us by e-mail, because we believe that with 3D picture it will be easier for you to decide on your terrace.



PVC vinyl covering


This is a very durable covering with easy installation (adhesive, click system) and maintenance, which is very suitable for heavy traffic areas (hallways, lobbies, kitchen, living room, public spaces, ...). It is suitable for spaces with underfloor heating. PVC vinyl is available in various sizes (planks, tiles) and samples (imitation of wood, stone, cork, ...).


                       (PVC covering - installation: with adhesive)                                       (PVC covering - installation: CLICK system)


Woven bamboo parquet


This is 2-layer parquet varnished with UV varnish, dimensions 920x96x10 mm, which is due to the manufacturing process twice harder and more resistant than the classic bamboo parquet (horizontal or vertical). The parquet is available in lighter or darker colour and is suitable for spaces with underfloor heating.



Textile covering in tiles


Tiles are available in various colors, size 50 x 50 cm and are easy to install. They are suitable for busiest-public spaces (corridors, offices, stores, waitingrooms, ...) and spaces with underfloor heating.













It can serve as material for terraces, because it can be perfect replacement for wooden terraces such as iroko, cumaru, taek, siberian larch .... The biggest advantage lies in the maintenance, because it does´t need additional painting or oiling. WPC is composed of 60% of the wood (wood fibers), 35% HDPE (high density polyethylene) and 5% of the additives (UV, colors, against the formation of mushrooms, against wood pests, ...). In addition to the terraces it can also be used in annual/winter gardens, piers, balconies, pool areas, garden kitchen, around camping trailers, ....


WPC tiles - are available in two dimensions 300x300 mm (left picture) and 900x300 mm. Their main advantage is quick and easy installation, because you simply lock the tiles together without screwing. It is important to place them on a flat and compact subfloor.


WPC boards (right picture) - are available in two dimensions 2200x135x25 mm and 4800x135x25 mm. The installation of WPC boards is the same as for the wooden terrace, on substructure consists of girders (WPC). In order to ensure equal spacing between the boards, you must insert fittings (plastic or stainless steel) between them.


                                                       (WPC tile)                                                  (WPC board)


Products for the care and cleaning of your floor coverings


On our shelves you will find products leading manufacturer LOBA from Germany. Their products are suitable for cleaning and maintenance of the wood flooring, cork, ceramic, stone, PVC coverings, linoleum and laminate.